Hebecom´s Mission:

We are a Mexican developer of inventions and high impact innovations in the medical field for its development, distribution and sales, focused on wellness and helping to position Mexico as a center of medical innovation internationally recognized.


In 2024 we are a leading company nationally and internationally in design, development, marketing and leasing of medical innovations aimed primarily at women.


Encourage ongoing effort always looking for the solution to all the problems that may arise and based on this to create a continuous improvement.


Always be on the cutting edge art products that enable us to meet the needs of our customers and mark with this difference with our competitors.


Meet a code of business conduct establishing relationships based on trust by being honest, reliable and encouraging teamwork.


Keep the values and goals within the company to keep the steady improvement in our organizational structure that has made us leaders in the medical sector.

We present MATRIS SPES®

It consists of a patented medical devices for hemostasis (stop bleeding) in cases of pregnant women with bleeding due to placenta previa or hysterectomy for placenta previa accreta or its variants, which seeks to reduce the mortality and morbidity (complications) due to heavy bleeding that can already produce blood transfusions are required. By this we help position our country as a source of innovation, impact and collaborate with the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations to reduce maternal mortality worldwide, that its two main causes bleeding is, and This search also reduce rates of orphan hood.

Our project:

“Matris Spes” meaning mother hope, looking considerably reduce maternal and neonatal deaths and complications caused by bleeding in pregnant women with placenta previa and placenta previa accreta hysterectomies, increta or percreta and reduce costs at public hospitals and patients.


Contribute reducing maternal mortality and morbidity internationally levels as a result.
We extend medical devices to the largest possible number of hospitals around the world, since they are producing many deaths and maternal complications due to heavy bleeding and blood transfusions required in pregnant women with placenta previa and its variants, problem that has been increasing.
It is our mission and commitment to make this possible.

Expected impact.

Maternal and neonatal health is an important indicator of a country’s development. We position ourselves as an innovative and internationally competitive country. Reduce risks and costs to patients and their families as well as doctors and hospitals. Reduce surgical and post-surgical time. Reduce or eliminate the need for blood packs.

An extremely important benefit is to the reduction in rates of orphan hood.

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